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Group Emails Not Found in Sent Items Folder
Posted by Shelly McNaught, Last modified by Shelly McNaught on 11 February 2020 09:54 AM


After sending Group Emails, you don't find them all in your Sent Items Folder.

You may find that the do appear to have been sent through replies and bounce-backs.

Also, Prophet adds a Note.


This has been shown to be a problem with Outlook's memory management, or a damaged Outlook profile.

Solution 1 - Memory Management

Outlook uses a lot of memory when sending many emails.  

Ideally, reboot windows before sending them.   At least close all large apps and Microsoft apps and restart Outlook only, just to do the Group Emails.

Limit batches to less than maybe 150 at a time.  Restart Outlook in between.

While the emails are processing, don't interact with Outlook and don't open other Office apps or others that use lots of memory like graphics or video editing.

Solutions 2 - Recommendations

1)  If you only have 32-bit Office, upgrading to 64-bit might help.  You can check your version by clicking the File tab, click Office Account and click About Outlook.

32-bit applications can only access 4 GB of memory.

Most computers have more than that.  You can check your computer by clicking Windows 10 Start button and click Settings (the gear icon).

Scroll down in the left list and click About.

Scroll down if needed to see how much RAM you have.

Please coordinate with your IT if you want to upgrade to 64-bit Office.

2)  You can BCC yourself on the Group Emails through your next few batches, for "peace of mind".

In an open Email, click Options and click Bcc.

You'll get copies of all the Group Emails that were sent.

Solutions - New Outlook Profile

If you continue to have trouble, an easy step is to create a new Outlook Profile.

This third-party article is pretty clear on how to create a new Outlook Profile, 

Please coordinate with your IT if you have questions or trouble.

Note that once you account is configured in the new Profile, that it might take an hour or more to recreate Outlook's local data file.  During that time, Outlook will be mostly unresponsive.

Don't delete your old Outlook Profile. You might want to change back to it to review settings.


If you have any trouble going through the steps or would like help, please call Avidian Prophet Technical Support at 800-399-8980 x2. 

Or you can email aka

Or you can create a Support ticket here.  You don't need to login, you can just click Next.

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