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Feature Transfer Error <PersonalFolder>


When installing Prophet, you get a "Feature transfer error", which specifies <PersonalFolder>


This will happen if running Prophet7ClientUpdate.exe on a computer that has never had Prophet installed.

It could also happen if Prophet was installed by another Windows user.  That might have been a previous Prophet user on that PC, or Prophet might have been installed by IT.

Solutions - Prophet is Not Already Installed

You can verify if Prophet is installed if C:\Program Files\Avidian Technologies\Prophet has many files, notably ConfigureProphetClient.exe.

If Prophet is not installed, download and run the full installation.

If Prophet is installed, run  C:\Program Files\Avidian Technologies\Prophet\ConfigureProphetClient.exe

They you should be able to run the update.

Solutions - If Prophet Is Already Installed

1)  The error from the update is because the Update doesn't recognize that Prophet is installed.

Run the full installation.

If you get errors, continue to the next solution.

2)  One configuration was fixed like this:

The Prophet user is not a Windows Administrator.

Even when IT did the usual process to use the right-click "Run As Administrator" option, we still got that error.

We downloaded, unzipped and ran the attached Class ID Cleaner, also using Run As Administrator.  That should show this response:

Removing keys that match the regular expression:
Removed 542 class keys.
Removed 23687 class/CLSID keys.
Press "Enter" to continue and it will usually close that window.  If it doesn't, just close it using the upper right X.

Then we were able to run the full installation.


If you have any trouble going through the steps or would like help, please call Avidian Prophet Technical Support at 855-284-3426 x2. 

Or you can email  

Or you can create a Support ticket by clicking Start a Conversation  on

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