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Installation error: Feature Transfer Error - "The file is currently not available for use on this computer."


During Prophet's installation, you might get an error like this.


It might reference different paths or file names, e.g. ...\Prophet\Reports\Analytics\Standard.pbix


We've seen this when roaming profiles or possibly a virus checker block copying Prophet's files.


You can unzip Prophet's standard documents folder into the user's folders.

That will allow the installation to complete without errors.


Download Standard

Navigate into the user's Documents folder.

The installation might have already created Documents\Avidian Technologies\Prophet

But if not, create them in File Explorer.

Move "Standard" and paste it into the Prophet Folder.

Right-click and Extract it.

Delete the sub-folder "Standard Documents" and click Extract.

If prompted, click to "Skip these files"

Run Prophet's Installation

Run the full Prophet8Client.exe.

It is probably in your Downloads folder.

Or you can get it again from


If you have any trouble going through the steps or would like help, please call Avidian Prophet Technical Support at 800-399-8980 x2. 

Or you can email aka

Or you can create a Support ticket here.  You don't need to login, you can just click Next.

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